The Journey

3 days of riding around the tribal lands of the Transkei, read below to see what is in store for you on this #EpicAdventure

Looking for a more extreme event?

With Sea to Sea being more for the social rider, we have an event for the extreme enduro riders. Check out Sea to Ski if you want something more challenging for your man and machine!

Day 1 | Kob Inn to Seagulls

  • A brand new day for 2021
  • 2 Refuel points
  • 1 lunch stop
  • 3 mild and wild splits
  • Luggage transport day

Day 2 | Seagulls to Seagulls

  • 1 refuel point
  • 3 mild and wild splits
  • 2 waterpoints
  • 1 lunch stop
  • No luggage transfer

80kms – 120kms

Day 3 | Seagulls to Kob Inn

  • 1 refuel point
  • 2 mild and wild splits
  • 1 lunch stop
  • luggage transport day
  • 2 refuel points


Limited to 60 teams

Day 1 | Kob Inn to Seagulls | 7 October

Day 1 is a brand new day as we depart from the awesome Kob Inn Hotel keeping the sea on our left as we wind down the coast to our hotels of Seagull and Trenneries for a 2 night stop. This is a brand new offering for the 2021 event with no more camping but hotels for all 4 nights. The Route will see us navigate the river crossings and river beds of the Nqadla , Jujura , Qora , Cebe , Kobonquaba and Qolora rivers and each of these crossings is faced with some of the finest enduro riding on the planet. The first big challenge of the day being the Mighty Qora Gorge.


2 refuel points

Day 2 | Trennerys / Seagulls to Seagulls | 8 October

With no packing up of the rooms for Day 2, as we are in our hotel for 2 nights, it makes for an easier start. This area is home to Battle Valleys and also featured the National Enduro of Riverbed Rodeo. It’s a day that you can decide to go Mild or Wild as we have 2 different routes. We navigate the trails of the Qolora river inland following some of the reverse route of our Sea to Sea from 2020 and then we head back to the Wavecrest hotel where you can grab a drink, have a swim and then into the Milkwood Forest. Most of the riders should be home by lunch and can spend the afternoon chilling out around the pool, the beach or having a few cold ones around the bar.

80kms – 100kms

1 refuel points

Day 3 | Seagulls to Kob Inn | 9 October

The coastal ride to Kob Inn is certainly leaving the best for last!  Day 3  has to be the most insane day one could ever wish for on a motorcycle. It’s a day that you don’t want to race but take in the vistas and views of the most incredible Wild Coast. The finish line is the Qora gorge with a sting in the tail but once you summit this 1000 foot climb, it’s a 5-minute ride to the Kob Inn Hotel and the Finish line where cold beers and your well-deserved finishers shirt are well received by all.


1 refuel point

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